Monday, June 8, 2009

What if Every Candidate Stood for These Things?

The Republican party seems to be in total disarray. Core conservative voters have lost faith in the party. Debate continues on what "Republicans" should stand for, fight for, run on. Should we go right? Move to the center? Be a big tent party? Should we be more like Reagan or Ford?

What if we returned to our roots and adopted, once again, some simple, fundamental tenets that the majority would readily agree with us on? What if every Republican candidate for office adopted these tenets and not only ran on them, but actually governed under them?

I submit for your consideration ten things we can all believe and embrace. I wish I could say I did all the work to put them together, but I did not. They were assembled by a man I greatly respect, Michael Farris, the Chancellor of Patrick Henry College. This is arguably the finest college in the nation for turning out right thinking young men and women who believe and articulate the Biblical World View on politics and government.

I will start with my own short summation of each of Dr. Farris' a ten points: a pledge, if you will. Beneath that is a link to Dr. Farris' writings on each point. I welcome your feedback, as I am sure Dr. Farris would.


I Believe and Pledge to Stand For:

The Right to Life. The Creator gave life: Human life must be protected.

Freedom of Religion and Conscience. God gave liberty: Liberty must be preserved.

The Right to Bear Arms. We have a God-given right to ownership: Property and the means to protect it is a fundamental right.

The Consent of the Governed. Governmental power is granted by the consent of the governed for the purpose of securing the above rights.

The Necessity of Public Virtue. Preservation of public virtue is key to preservation of public liberty.

Traditional Marriage. Marriage is a sacred obligation and is crucial to a strong society.

Parental Rights. The right of parents to raise, nurture and educate their children is fundamental.

Economic Freedom. Free Market Capitalism is the best economic system for providing equal opportunity for economic advancement.

Limited Government. Man is not free unless government is limited.

National Defense and Foreign Policy. A just and civil society is worth defending against all aggression.


Please take a few moments to link to Dr. Farris's full article. It is worth the time to read and understand. You will also find a link there to sign on as a supporter of these principles.



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