Saturday, June 27, 2009

Republicans Pass Largest Tax in History

No, this is not a typographical error. You see, when your party is not in power, it is your responsibility to be the party of opposition, the party of obstruction. Make no mistake, if Henry Waxman's HR2454, the "Cap and Tax" bill makes it through the Senate, it will quickly and easily prove to be the largest tax increase ever.

So, why do I say the Republicans passed this bill? Because they failed to do their job. They failed to, as a solid caucus, obstruct this enormous scam on the American people. The bill passed with one vote over the simple majority needed, 219-212. Eight "Republicans" voted for the bill. Forty-four Democrats joined the opposition and voted "NO." But the loyal opposition failed to do their job.

Who are the "Cap and Tax Eight?" Thanks to Michelle Malkin, you can find them here.

If you have any doubts as to whether this is a huge tax increase, you only need to read this article to be convinced.

Want to do something about it? Go to and grade each of these members of Congress. Tell them what you think of them.

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B. Seavey said...

In the past I have called my Rep. Mr. Camp and can generally get to speak to someone but when I try to call one of our useless Senators I can't get anyone to answer, at either the Washington D.C. number or at their state or local number. It seems kind of useless to keep trying to call. I do send e-mails and sign petitions but I'm at a loss as to what else one person can do. I'm very disgusted with the way our country is being destroyed and I certainly didn't vote for the controlling party in office now. All I do is hope and pray that the 2010 elections won't come to late cause we have to prove to these idiots that we voted you in office and we can certainly vote you out.