Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Action Plan for the Party Chairman

Presented here, in brief, bulleted form is a list of things I believe describe the day-to-day role of the state party chairman. It is not necessarily an exhaustive list.

"As party chairman, I pledge to:

  • Work hard and be accountable to the people who put me in office, the delegates and rank-and-file members. I will earn my pay.

  • Have a clear message and mission for every candidate to carry to the electorate. It will be a message that is true to core Republican ideals and that can win at the ballot box. 

  • Spend the bulk of my time talking to and listening to the financial and grass roots supporters of the party. 

  • Hire a capable director to manage day-to-day office affairs in an efficient and responsible manner. Office staff will be responsive and proactive. Every job will be evaluated for its effectiveness in delivering a quality product and winning elections for true Republicans. Every employee will be required to re-apply for his/her job. 

  • I will meet with every district and county chair, face-to-face, by July of 2009. We will field a quality candidate in every house and senate seat in 2010. Identification process will begin immediately with a goal of having the best candidate for every district by fall 2009. 

  • We will continue to upgrade technology to maximize our ability to reach voters and raise money. 

  • Working with the vice-chairs we will build the youth and coalitions across the state with the goal of motivating and delivering foot soldiers in every county, every district." 

The key to victory is quality, consistency and ubiquity. Across this state, voters need to see a brand of high quality that is the always reliably consistent and easily recognized everywhere. We need to market our brand just as effectively as McDonald's. The "Quarter Pounder with Cheese" is of the same quality and consistency in every store, and you can find one anywhere. If voters know what we stand for, know that our message will not change and see that message everywhere they go, we will greatly improve our chances in 2010.


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