Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Budget Deficit: $482 Billion. Is Carl Levin helping?

The Detroit News reported today that the federal budget deficit will hit nearly $500 billion this year. What is Carl Levin doing to help?

Well, he pitched in with hundreds of millions in earmark requests. In fact, according to the Club For Growth, he voted against 14 out of 15 anti-pork amendments offered by the hero of smaller government, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. You can read the details at: http://www.clubforgrowth.org/2007/11/the_clubs_2007_senate_repork_c.php.

Some of the pork Mr. Levin would not vote against included bike paths, visitors' centers, baseball fields, the International Peace Garden in North Dakota...

Let's face it, the time for fiscal responsibility is long past due. We are facing a $10 trillion National Debt and too many federal legislators are not serious about spending control. It is time for some real fiscal conservatives to go to Washington.

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RightMichigan.com said...

The same people who blindly vote for Carl Levin election after election will complain that Republicans let the deficit get out of control... even though the Demorats control Congress.

Intellectual consistency has never been the left's strong suit.