Thursday, July 3, 2008

Carl Levin: We Can't Drill Our Way Out

The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge
A "Unique and irreplaceable wilderness"

"Drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge is one...bad policy proposal. We have a responsibility to promote a balanced energy plan that invests in America's future and protects our environment, not one that damages a unique and irreplaceable wilderness." --Carl Levin


Anonymous said...

So do you think we should drill in a small part of that vast open "wilderness" consisting of ice and snow, or do you think its a bad idea? Hard to tell from the photo, but I hear its a pretty big area and the drilling would not interfere very much. But how soon would we get relief? And isn't the cost of oil related to the fact that our dollar is worth nothing because they just print up more out of thin air when we need it?
Perhaps its related to the fact that the Saudis own us and we have no other options at the moment. And I don't mean corn=ethanol either. It takes enough corn to feed a child for a year, to make one tank of gas for a car. Feed a child or drive for a week?

Anonymous said...

Corn ethanol has been proven just as harmful as oil when you consider ALL it takes to make ethanol from corn. It is also less efficient and actually decreases your mpg. Not to mention the fact that it is driving up the food prices.

Electricity, wind, nuclear, and solar are very viable alternatives to oil, yet the left-wing enviro-extremists fight against those energy sources too, especially the windmills, because, according to the econuts, all the birds will fly into them and die because they are stupid, even though birds can avoid speeding vehicles on the highway for the most part.

So you can't win. The econuts fight oil, wind, solar, nuclear, and electricity as energy sources, yet we try to get away from oil to make them happy. I guess they want us all riding bikes and horses again.

Anonymous said...

If we don't drill now - when?

I have been ttrying to drum up a response to building a refinery or reactor in Jackson where the prison was.

If we just say - its too hard, we can't do it then our children are being sold into slavery.

Here it is folks - you can't defy a Middle eastern country or the price goes up.

I say the old American way is to do for ourselves and allow them to drown in a sea of unused oil.

live dangerously said...

You Go Jack.

I'm having my own little "Energy Freedom March" 7/22 in Muskegon in front of the county building from 9am-6pm. If the turnout is good and I can get promises for more the next day, I'll call the media and we'll have a party. Drill here, Drill now, Pay less. Could be a fun "Bottom up Politics" kind of thing. Hey everybody likes to bitch, but it's nice to see someone like yourself taking the bit between the teeth and going up against the monstrosity that is Carl Levin. If You're ever in Muskegon and I can do anything let me know. Let me know about signs etc. 231-728-3455.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

shadmarsh said...

Drill all you want, but it won't effect the price of gasoline, which has risen based on projections that see demand increasing and supply decreasing. Supply is calculated on what is in the ground, tapped or not, and on the rate of new discoveries of oil fields (which is quickly headed toward zero).

These aren't problems that just came up over night, we have seen this one coming for a long time, but no one (Dems or Repubs) has had the balls to do anything about it, they were all too busy selling our asses out to the Saudi's.

My advice: buy a bike.

Mike Brafford said...

Not true Shad.

The very mention of our drilling by the president dropped prices $10.

The next day saying he would over-ride the Democrats not wanting to drill dropped it again by $8.

We are importing 70% of our supply and with not even remotely enough refineries we are having to send oil out - refine it and ship it back. Does that make sense?

live dangerously said...

If one accepts that there is a finite amount of oil to be had, then I can't understand the arguement that we shouldn't drill for it. Why not use it all up quick then we will be froced into other areas? Maybe if we do that along with investing in alternatives and newer technologies and conservation we would have a better chance to come up with a new solution. That is what John Boehner's "all of the above" energy effort in the US House is all about.

We should at least as citizens expect to see some debate in the House and Senate on the issue and an actual vote on the bills.

Regards Live Dangerously Be a Conservative