Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Regulation of trauma scene waste management practitioners

I bet you never heard of "trauma scene waste management practitioners."

HB 5574 amends the Public Health Code to require all trauma scene waste management practitioners to register with the Department of Environmental Quality. They must submit a written trauma scene waste management plan and pass a background check before receiving approval to begin or continue their existing operations.

There would be a $150 registration fee, and the person would have to meet certain requirements and undertake certain actions specified in the bill. The state would then periodically distribute current list of registered trauma scene waste management practitioners to local health agencies, environmental health administrators, and county sheriffs.

There are billboards along the Indiana/Michigan border. They say "Come on Indiana for lower taxes, business and housing costs."


Philip Hart said...

It's $300 in Ohio (, and $200 in California - I'd search for other states, but I think it's pretty common. Shouldn't cleaning up and transporting (while maintaining the integrity of) crime scene evidence and biohazardous materials be a duty of the state?

Anonymous said...

It is not relevant what other states do. This is Michigan, not Ohio, not California, not Indiana. Evidence that is not properly maintained will create extra costs of litigation and will loose cases, leaving criminals free to do whatever they desire.