Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Porta-potty proliferation bill

The Dems are working hard to keep you from messing your pants on the job site.

I know we have many difficult challenges to face in Michigan; unemployment, high taxes, struggling schools, lack of funding for important state services, but these issue will just have to wait.

HB5064 would require contractors to provide a minimum of 1 portable bathroom facility for every 10 employees on the job site. Current regulations require a ratio of 1:20.

I have no further comment on this bill.


Live Dangerously said...

It stinks. lol
I'm in trades and have seldom had to wait in line. If so it was very briefly. If you have ever been in one of these you realize it a place to do your business and not hang around in. I wonder if we'll get a rider on the bill about lawsuits for methane breathing. You are right I think we could do better with the money.
Regards Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.
Bob Carr

Matt said...

So, doing the "math" (I was a victim of public education) on this:

1 potty break = 5 minutes (I know, I'm stingy)
10 employees x 5 minutes = 50 minutes of continual potty use
20 employees x 5 minutes = 100 minutes (1 hr. 40 minutes)

According to the new bill, legislators must go to the potty for a five minute break every 50 minutes. I can only conclude two things:

1) Legislators drink GALLONS of water every day.
2) 10% of legislators time is spent in the "potty" during work hours.


The other thing to note is that doing a number one does not likely take 5 minutes in the "potty", and I doubt they have a number two every 50 minutes.

I wonder what self-respecting actuary would work out this ratio for the bill...or maybe they don't use actuaries...maybe they hire public school childrens...

Dar VanderArk said...

Another example of Michigan government telling a business how to "do their business." It would be funny, if it weren't so tragic.

And we are promoting business growth how?

Anonymous said...

The issue here isn't the length of time spent, or whether or not you stand in line. The real issue is of sanitary conditions. By the end of the week, where you have had >10 people using the facility, to put it lightly, is gross and a real concern for safety. There are 2 ways to take care of this 1: have them cleaned more than once a week or 2: have more Porta-Jons on site. I suspect that having more is less expensive than having them cleaned more often.

I'm for making Michigan more attractive to businesses, but not at the cost of hurting labor.

Anonymous said...

What the? In such an economy I am shocked that something this absurd is even an issue.

We had our house built 3 years ago. The builder put a porta-john in his quote. We paid for it, they shared, they were not 20 people here at one time. The house was finished just fine.

Most things have a way of working themselves out, no need for gov. or anybody's involvement AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day...before unions... things didn't work out just fine...In fact people had to lose their lives to bring you weekends off, a 40 hour work week, fair wages for a days work... If left to their own judgement... companies look out for their own bottom line not, what's good or fair for anyone else. Unions aren't perfect, but I'd rather have them than not.