Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Trickle Down Government"

Looks like Governor Romney coined a new phrase last night in the debate. One for which President Obama really had no rebuttal.

What is trickle down government? It is a system where more and more money comes from job creators through an ever-increasing tax burden, which is then used to benefit the enormous bureaucracy in Washington. What is left is "shared" with the taxpayers in the form of services, most of which the taxpayers don't want or need. Meanwhile, those who do not pay federal taxes become dependent on those bureaucrats for "benefits" and entitlements which keeps them voting for the politicians who continue to hire more and more bureaucrats.

Well, last night, Mr. Romney stated in three words, what is wrong with this country. He made quite clear that what is coming from Washington is exactly the opposite of what our founders intended. Rather than government depending on the taxpayers to keep them employed, providing security, safety and the rule of law, we have 330 million people who too many politicians in Washington see as nothing more than subjects whose primary purpose is to provide a comfortable lifestyle for them. Hopefully, by seeing the curtain pulled back on trickle down government, the voters are taking a fresh look at Washington and deciding it is time to return the power and the money back to "we the people" just as the Constitution intended.

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