Monday, February 6, 2012

State Lawmakers' Votes in Broad Daylight!

Clarkston, Michigan – When the Independent Tea Party Patriots (ITPP) first launched it Legislative Scorecard back in October 2011, they began a process to hold our representatives in Lansing accountable. This scorecard has been recently updated with votes through the end of 2011 and according to Kevin Chase, one of the ITPP founders and small business owner concurred “It’s about time we have some real transparency to validate our representative’s voting records. In business, we are accountable to our employees, customers and suppliers.  Too long, our representatives have been accountable to no one.”

This tool tracks every state representative and senator throughout Michigan and records how they vote as compared to the values of the Tea Party movement. ITPP is the only Tea Party to create tracking tool of this type. The information was gathered from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s site. The scorecard link is posted at where the details of the scorecard criteria are outlined and other “watching” sites are also linked.

Go directly to the scorcard here.

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