Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hypocritical? Ultra-High Paid Superintendents Criticize "For-profit Schools"

From the Michigan Capitol Confidential...
As superintendent of Kalamazoo Public Schools, Michael Rice had a total compensation of $321,252 in 2010. Yet Rice was one of a dozen public school superintendents who signed a letter criticizing charter public schools and raising the “for-profit” status of some of the charter school’s contracted management companies.

The nonprofit Ann Arbor Public Schools just agreed to pay its new superintendent $1.22 million over five years (base salary of $245,000). In fact, the nonprofit Ann Arbor school district has seen its total revenues jump from $195 million in 2005 to $207 million in 2010, despite having about 400 fewer students, according to the Michigan Department of Education.

Taylor Public Schools pays all of its kindergarten teachers and nine elementary school gym teachers more than the city’s median income for an entire household. The city of Taylor’s median income for a household is $42,944. Taylor Public Schools had nine elementary school phys-ed teachers and all 23 of its kindergarten teachers make more than $43,000 in 2010. The average teacher salary in 2010 in the district was $65,477, about $23,000 more than the median household income.

Why would these high-paid "non-profit" public school employees complain about other public schools which are under the same rules as their school, just because they are operated by for-profit companies? Read the whole story here.

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