Thursday, January 27, 2011

Part-Time Legislature Introduced in the House

The Texas Legislature meets 140 days maximum, every other year. Lawmakers are paid $7,200 annually. The unemployment rate in Texas is 8.2%.

The Michigan Legislature is in session all year. They meet, on average about 95 days per year. Lawmakers are paid $72,000 per year, plus $12,000 tax-free for "expenses". The unemployment rate in Michigan is 11.3%.

Representative Dave Agema has introduced a resolution to amend the state constitution that will limit session day to 150 consecutive calendar days per year. This would effectively make the legislature part-time. Following that, I imagine the public pressure to reduce their pay would follow.

To read the resolution click here. To send a note to Rep. Agema and thank him for his legislation, click here.

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