Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who Will Be the Next Majority Leader?

As I opined in my newsletter, the Senate Majority Leader will likely be the most powerful Republican in the legislative branch next year. It looks like it will either be Randy Richardville (L) or John Proos (R). It is important that you are informed about who is running for the job and who may actually win it. You need to know the voting records of the two individuals vying for this position. So, to review the voting records of Proos and Richardville by category click on the links below:
Proos on: taxes, education, economic development, labor.
Richardville on: taxes, education, economic development, labor.


AliciaAMG said...

Okay, I read the first parts of the lists, on bills introduced and, in Proos' case, the bills voted for and against. My eyes began to cross when it said this was just a first listing of 1000 plus votes. I am trying to be an informed citizen, but I don't have the time to go through each of these and research the finer points. What looks like an OK bill might turn out to have been a boondoggle for someone, or a patch on a patch on a patch, when something radically different ought to have been done. Some of the bills seem to be fixes on 'unintended consequences' which will have unintended consequences of their own, not to mention the fact that they probably give preference to someone over some else. Based on my principles, one of these fellows looked a little better than the other, but I could be wrong, not having read the other 1000 votes.

On the one hand, I don't want you spoon-feeding us. On the other, I can't follow this, which is one of the reasons smaller, more limited government would be much better.

dadb said...

They both voted bad on the bill to set us up with ObamaEd through Race to the Top requirements even though we never got the money. Our Oakland ISD is presenting to local boards how we have to amend the school curriculums to meet the Bill Gates driven Obama curriculum.
I can't figure out what how Richardville voted for on bullying.
Do you know?