Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stupak portrayed as Judas by a fellow Democrat.

This excerpt is from the Jewish World Review.

Stupak's clumsy fall from grace is a lesson in human frailty. In a matter of hours, he went from representing the majority of Americans who don't want public money spent on abortion to leading the army on the other side.

Something must have gone bump in the night.  Whatever it was, demonizing Stupak seems excessive and redundant given punishments to come. Already he has lost a speaking invitation to the Illinois Catholic Prayer Breakfast next month. 
His political future, otherwise, may have been foretold by a late-night anecdote.  After the Sunday vote, a group of Democrats, including Stupak, gathered in a pub to celebrate. In a biblical moment, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner was spotted planting a big kiss on Stupak's cheek.  To a Catholic man well versed in the Gospel, this is not a comforting gesture.

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hscheetz said...

Stupak proved to be a CINO (Catholic in NameOnly), but even worst he may have sold his "moral fabricate for 30 pieces of silver.

I hear tell that out of the clear blue sky a large chuck of "stimulous" money went to refurish some old air fields in the UP. What a surprise!!!