Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kalamazoo County Democrat Party Chair: A Real Classy Guy!

Southwest Michigan Tea Party Activist Scott Arnett, kindly invited the Kalamazoo County Democrats to attend the Ronald Reagan birthday party celebration this Saturday. Seems like a sensible and courteous thing to do, especially since many independent and democrat voters are members of local tea party groups. Here is part of that invitation:

This is a formal invitation to the county Democratic Party to help celebrate the 99th birthday of the Great Communicator. We are holding a birthday party for President Ronald Reagan on Feb. 6th at the Fetzer Center Auditorium on the WMU campus. The festivities will be held at 11am to 2:30pm, including cake and ice cream. Please let your fellow leadership, candidates, and caucus know that the timeless principles and economic philosophy of President Reagan are to be remembered and celebrated.

Mr. Pawloski was not content to politely decline. He had to show his class (or lack thereof) with the following response, which I received a copy of:

I passed your invitation onto our leadership and they collectively agreed to tell you to take your invitation fold it five ways and stick it where the moon don’t shine!
PS: Your website violates campaign finance laws. Tell that to the derilict jack hoogydick and his cronies who are funding your rinky dink operation.
David C. Pawloski, Chair
Kalamazoo County Democratic Party

Not only does Mr. Pawloski lack class and common courtesy, he isn't a very good speller, either.


Freemom said...

Good Grief...violating campaign laws? Doesn't this yahoo know that Ronald Reagan already WON his election?

Anonymous said...

He spelled "Derelict" wrong.
-Dan DuPraw