Sunday, December 6, 2009

GOP Chairman Calls on Democrats to Lead on Education Reform

Following is partial text of a recent e-mail blast from Republican Pary Chairman Ron Weiser

Dear Friends,

"We are about to see where the Democrat priorities really lie when it comes to providing our children with a quality education. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contains provisions that could provide up to $400 million for our struggling school districts through the Race to the Top program. All Michigan has to do to apply for the relief is pass reforms that are already long overdue.

For years, Democrat-union politicization of the school system...[has] repeatedly put the interests of union members above those of our kids...After floating proposals for harmful tax increases to alleviate strained school budgets, the Democrat leadership should be jumping at this easy opportunity. We will see whether they were ever really in it for the kids, or if it was all about the control. Supporting these common-sense reforms is the easy choice, as long as the Michigan Education Association (MEA) isn't calling the shots.

If $400 million is not enough incentive for the Democrats to finally do the right thing, then they may never see the light. Either way, Republican legislators are beginning the fight for our children's success and the future of this state.

This week, the Republicans took the lead to improve our education system from the ground up. The Republican-controlled Senate approved legislation that provides needed education reform and puts Michigan at the ready to apply for the Race to the Top funds. House Republicans stand at the ready to approve this legislation. The only question that remains: What will the Democrats do?"

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