Saturday, July 18, 2009

Representative Tom McMillin in the News


Michigan State Representative Tom McMillin has introduced a resolution dealing with a Christian's right to stand behind her religious beliefs.

Julea Ward was a part of the Eastern Michigan University Graduate School of Counseling. With only two months left until graduation with a master's degree, she was dismissed for declining on religious grounds to provide counseling to a homosexual who was trying to improve his relationship with his partner.

"I was just calling on Eastern Michigan University to end this kind of discrimination based on somebody's religious beliefs, and ask our state's attorney general to conduct an investigation to see if her civil rights were violated, which certainly appears to be [the case]," Representative McMillan contends, noting that theresolution is gaining bipartisan support.

Read the entire story here.

Kudos to Rep. McMillin for standing up for equal protection under the law for all of Michigan's citizens.

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