Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Time to Regulate...FLAGPOLES!

A Kindergarten student was tragically killed a couple of years ago when a flagpole fell on top of her during a windstorm. A Michigan lawmaker has come to the rescue, offering legislation to regulate flagpoles.

Do we really need to make a new law every time someone is injured or killed? As the article points out, the flagpole was not poorly designed or defective, it was rusted. The article also mentions that a civil lawsuit ensued. That is what the legal community is there for, to provide us the Constitutionally protected right to file for redress. If there was negligence on the part of school, the lawsuit will sort it out and provide compensation. Will that replace the loss of a human life? Of course not. But it will, among other things, encourage just about everyone who owns a flagpole to check and see if it is in danger of collapse. In fact, the district immediately went out and inspected all their flagpoles, and I suspect every school district in the state that heard about the incident probably went out and did the same thing.

The point here is, it should not be the responsibility of government to make sure we are safe from every possible ill or injury. We need to practice individual and corporate responsibility. When we don't and tragic accidents do happen, we have the courts.

I cannot help but ask the question, if one person dies from a freak accident when a flagpole falls, what should we do about the dozens of people who die from trees and tree limbs that fall? Should government regulate every tree that grows on public property?


WadeHM said...

At the rate we are going in society I wouldn't be surprised if trees get regulated in public areas. Really. Limbs can't extend over sidewalks, can't be more than so many inches in diameter, etc. The problem here is, most communities already have regulations on flagpoles regarding height and such. Lawmakers just add more legislation on to make it look like they are protecting us. Gets them votes you know. We need to legislate government and the foolish things they do.

BG said...

Quit Bitching and start acting - There are 100's of these all over the nation. Put you ass in gear and get one going for the areas in MI and lets get these knuckleheads out.....................................

I would but the <expletive deleted,governor> killed my job and now I live it FL.
(content edited)

Live Dangerously. said...

Watch out Jack, they might take you up on it. What a bureaucracy could be made of that. As long as we're printing money let's just keep the presses rolling another day or two. Yes we can.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Debbie S. said...

Absolutely! And then we can have flag pole permits, flag pole inspectors, and licensed flag pole operators. Not to mention the jobs that will be created, revenues generated, lives saved and injuries prevented. This one is clearly a health care issue as well as being for the children.

Doug B. said...

We have a mill pond in Brighton into which a toddler fell. His mother stepped in and pulled him to safety. The town council was beseiged with demands to construct a fence around the pond. One patriotic citizen researched the town history and discovered that not one person had ever drown in the pond. Case closed.

Rocky said...

Just what we need is more Government regulations and more taxes for the middle class. If the Bozo’s in Washington would start worrying about the things that really matter to all of us Americans there would be lots of AGI officers in jail and the trade would be equal not free and we would not be buying oil from countries that don’t like us.
There are more people in this country committing suicide because they can’t feed their children in the last year but one child dies from a flag pole and we have to make a new law! Our Government needs to wake up and start doing the right thing for the people that VOTED them into office not the Companies Paid their ways into office.

Sick of all the crap said...

I used to think I was just a regular person, not too smart, not too dumb, just a good citizen going to work and living my life, following the rules and paying my taxes, but the more I read and learn about our government, the smarter I think I am. Sadly my respect for about 80% of government, the people who run it and laws they protect has completely gone away. Government is the biggest time and money waster than any industry and don't even get me started on the egotistical overpaid journalist that cover their stupidness and indiscretions. Government is full of well speaking smooth people who had some good neighbors who listened to their great local ideas and somewhere along the line, they figured this is a good career and that's when everything goes south and greed comes pouring in. I spend alot of time in the political arena thru my job position dealing in legislation etc. I work for a non-profit where my pay is below the standard of others w/my qualifications. My husband is laid off from the building industry (I know surprised surprise) and I am not sure where I am getting grocery money next week. Cable? Who can afford that. Do you think I honestly care if a bird or two is dead becasue they can't see and hit the flippin building at night.

Taking the tragedy of the freak accident of the school girl, that was just a horrible accident just like dying in a hurricane. You sure can't regulate that. Flagpoles?...please. It will go thru because it's "you side w/me on this bill, I will support you on that bill" and blah blah blah and then throw a bunch of money at it with paid lunches to discuss how effective you are being, and staffers to research it at a snails pace so when the legislators decided to go back in session they can mull it over.

Let's get back to talking and working for what matters. Or better yet, government, get the hell out of the way and let the private sector take over for a while. Safe to say it couldn't hurt. As a mother of four you bet I am teaching my children how to screw the government and take care of their own interest. No one else will!

Signed...sick of all the crap and the embezzlers in suits and their socialite wives

Gary said...

Say, speaking of flagpoles, is it my imagination or has the Governette stopped ordering all flags at half-mast since her Party won the election? I mean no disrespect to our heroes, but until last November it seemed like we were seeing those half-mast orders (accompanied by anti-war statements) all the time.