Monday, October 6, 2008

Levin Sinking in Polls

In the most recent poll from Public Policy Polling, 30-year incumbent Carl Levin is down from a high in May of 58% to only 50%! And that is before he voted FOR the $700 billion dollar bailout of the corrupted Fannie Mae, that had $150 billion in earmarks added to it by the Senate.

The House and Senate have just approved the biggest bailout in American history. The American people have been fooled, maybe for the last time. They are on to the fact that leaders of Government Sponsored Enterprises like Fannie Mae were corrupt. Taxpayers are angry about the fact that not only are they being asked to pay the tab for $700 billion in losses, but now they have had an additional $150 billion in earmarks foisted on them.  That's $500 worth of pork rinds for every man, woman, and child in this great country, including the illegal immigrants!

I believe the people of this state will become even angrier when they find out how much the Democrat leaders in Congress protected their corrupt friends and swept these huge financial failures under the rug.

And where was Carl Levin as all of this was going on? When the Community Reinvestment Act was greatly expanded in the early 90's, forcing banks to give zero down mortgages, he was there. When attempts were made to repeal the CRA, he was fighting it. When the financial markets were DE-regulated, he voted for it. When attempts were made several times to put regulations in place to stop the bleeding, he was there, doing absolutely nothing about it.

What is especially curious about this is that Carl Levin is the Chairman of the Senate Permanent Sub-committee on investigations which is charged with investigating "federal waste, fraud, and abuse." But a brief perusal of his web site reveals that while Carl Levin loves to investigate private corporations and businesses, he apparently doesn't see any corruption in government!

The most massive abuse of taxpayer dollars by government agencies in American history happens right under the Senator's nose and he never notices? Not even after several congressional hearings and legislative proposals to address the problem? Come on, senator? Where were you?

Senator Levin's inaction in spite of red flags waving and alarm horns blaring is evidence that he has been in Washington long enough. It is time for a Senator who will not vote for earmarks, a senator who will not vote for budgets that are out of balance, a senator who will not be bought off by lobbyists or special interest groups. We need a Senator who is paying enough attention to notice when the taxpayers are being ripped off by a bunch of Wall Street "golden-parachute" fat cats and liberal friends of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

If you have any doubts about these assertions, I invite you to watch this.

My pledge to you is that I will keep doing in Washington what I have been doing in Lansing for six years, protecting your hard-earned tax dollars.
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