Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey, let's hire more civil servants!

One of the more inefficient departments of state government, the Department of Management and Budget has been proposed to receive a whopping 44% increase in personnel. Yes, that's right, 438 NEW civil servants, whose wages and benefits probably average around $60,000 per employee. OK, let's be fair, other departments are reducing personnel, but the net increase for the overall General Government budget is 178 full-timers.

Reminder: this is the department that when asked why a $5 million technology contract that ballooned to $200 million had a $10 million "change order," sent a letter back saying, "we can't find the documentation."

I bet all those new employees will really help the situation.


Anonymous said...

That is because the other State agencies are being forced to transfer all their business office staff to DMB. These are not new hires. But way to try and spin it that way.

J. Bowen said...

Using Dem econ-logic, more state employees means less unemployment. Unfortunately, this is just going to lead to more inefficient state government rather than better government and a more expensive government.

Jgillman said...

umm anonymous.. Spin?

Lets talk about spinning. The Democrats, along with (sadly) a couple of misguided republican turncoats took on an already rejected by public outrage vehicle bill, moved a few shells around and stuck us with an unconstitutionally sound USE addition to our sales tax. THEN, business owners didnt even need to be "spun" to. The replacement, MBT, doesnt even need spinning.. you gotta have SOME WAY TO UNDERSTAND something to be able to spin it...

The Spin that Michigan couldn't afford to allow the budget to lapse is ludicrous. We cannot afford the consequences of letting it pass!

The real fact is that the democrat administration, and the willing cronies in the legislature who would have been embarrassed by a temporary credit freeze for the state, was enough for them to throw together one of the most least considered, and most damaging budgets this state has ever seen.

You were probably one of them.

Call it spin? I call it pushing back, and not even pushing as much as we ought to. You must consider the voters in this state stupid. Maybe the voters made a mistake when accepting paid endorsements by Stryker and his millions, but they are feeling the truth now.

The bell tolls.. it tolls soon.. and it tolls for thee.